Overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Data Studio Product

Below is an overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Data Studio product.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Data Studio Dashboards/BI Product Overview Google Cloud Platform (GCP) A data visualisation tool with charting, reports and dashboards GCP Data Studio UI Features Dashboards Reports Charts Click and draw (not drop) Filtering & Sorting Sharing and Collaborating on Dashboards Uses Google Drive for storing files/sharing - so can have duplicate filenames No login is required to view a report shared with View permission A login is required to edit a report Data sources must be shared separately from reports - sharing a report does NOT grant access to a data source Data Explorer - from BigQuery, click on table -> Export to Data Studio Concepts Data Sources - e.g. views created in BigQuery Dimensions - Green - categories with values such as names, descriptions or other characteristics of a category Metrics - Blue - measure dimension values, such as aggregated values, counts, ratios Calculated fields - either dimensions or metrics; > 50 functions; regular expressions