Overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Vision API

Below is an overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Vision API.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Cloud Vision API Overview Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Used for working with and recognising content in still images GCP Cloud Vision documentation Usage Pattern (versus AutoML Vision) Objective - enable ML practitioners to harness the power of Google's ML for images Primary use case - face detection, OCR, object detection, etc Data requirements - just images (labelled or not) Output format - as required Customisation - can be customised Efforts - high for end-to-end model development Features Label Detection - broad sets of categories Face Detection Features Multiple faces Key facial attributes - "faceAnnotations" Emotional state (surprise, anger, joy & sorrow likelihoods) Head wear likelihood Angles: roll, pan, tilt Detection confidence Under exposed likelihood Blurred likelihood Bounding polygon of face Web Annotations - similar images from the Internet: entityId, score, description Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - text detection, support for multiple languages Explicit Content Detection - adult or violent content Landmark Detection - popular natural or man-made structures Logo Detection - popular product logos