Overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) AutoML Products

Below is an overview of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) AutoML products.

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) AutoML Products Overview Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Codeless model building, built with Neural Architecture Search (NAS) & using NASNets Products Cloud AutoML Natural Language Cloud AutoML Translation Cloud AutoML Vision Features TRAINING: Uses a Prepared Dataset to train a Custom Model. 1 Prepared Dataset = 1 Custome Model Make a small Prepared Dataset for experimentation in the UI Assemble data in a CSV file, UTF-8 encoded; Stored in same Cloud Storage Bucket with the source files; no blank or duplicate lines; no Unicode characters CSV Column #1 is optional - for TRAIN, VALIDATION, TEST. If blank, rows will be assigned 80% TRAIN, 10% VALIDATION, 10% TEST CSV Column #2 - identifies source files in Cloud Storage; can be ZIP CSV Column #3+ - labels; alphanumeric with underscores, no special characters Can create in code: Python, Java, Node.js Do NOT expire Custom Model Temporary - eventually deleted after a period - so you must periodically train a new model Cannot be exported or saved externally NodeLabel DEPLOYMENT https://automl.googleapis.com/ Cold starts if model hasn't been used for a while - possibly minutes delay SERVING Request contains the model-name and payload Response contains JSON with multiple label fields named 'displayName', the keyword 'classification' and 'score' confidence level 0 to 1.0 Quotas apply to model creation and service requests